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EaSynth ProFriend

PorFriend is a FREE tool for professionals. It provides aggregate job information from different freelancer web sites, and it can help you to manage your time and improve your efficiency as well.

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EaSynth JRepacker

EaSynth JRepacker is a freeware that provides the facility to repack your java application and the java runtime (JRE), in order to reduce the size of your software delivery package. With this tool, you can exclude any file, folder or entries in jar file from your software delivery directory, thus you can reduce the size of the delivery. You can also add comments on files or entries, and save all your work into a project file, so that you can review or reproduce it latter.

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EaSynth Look And Feel

EaSynth look and feel is a Synth based look and feel, the name "EaSynth" comes from "Easy Synth", because this look and feel is generated by EaSynth look and feel designer, this can be much easier than doing it manually.

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EASYNTH FREEWARE COMMUNITY will keep working on freeware development,

specially focus on the tools that can ease the design, development and delivery of Java desktop application.

Now the community is accepting donations via paypal, just click on the following button.