EaSynth JRepacker

What is EaSynth JRepacker?

EaSynth JRepacker is a freeware that provides the facility to repack your java application and the java runtime (JRE), in order to reduce the size of your software delivery package. With this tool, you can exclude any file, folder or entries in jar file from your software delivery directory, thus you can reduce the size of the delivery. You can also add comments on files or entries, and save all your work into a project file, so that you can review or reproduce it latter.

Here is a snapshot for the EaSynth JRepacker V0.10:

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EaSynth JRepacker is a freeware, you can download and use it for FREE.

The EaSynth look and feel is integrated into this tool, and work as the default look and feel.

To run EaSynth JRepacker, your need JRE6, if you download the windows bundle below, you can install and run this tool in windows directly, since that bundle already contain a private mini JRE, which is repacked with this tool.

Web Start Demo

You can launch the demo directly via Java web start: Launch Demo


The latest version of EaSynth JRepacker is V0.10 Build 14.

You can download the EaSynth JRepacker here:

File Size
EaSynth JRepacker V0.10 Build 14

If you already have Java Runtime installed, you can download this bundle. Make sure JRE5+ (JRE6 is preferred) is already installed in your system, and then extract the package to run.

Note: It works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris, but you may need more technical skills to use it.

161 KB
EaSynth JRepacker V0.10 Build 14 Windows Bundle It is recommended for most Windows users. The installer contains everything necessary. Just follow the step-by–step instruction in the wizard to install and run.
Note: It is for Windows Only.
3.96 MB

If you need helps on downloading the software, please feel free to contact our support team: support@easynth.com