FAQ of EaSynth Look And Feel Designer

Author: Yun XUAN (Yun.XUAN@easynth.com)

Date: 2008.04.22

Source: http://www.easynth.com

Q: Who will need the EaSynth Look And Feel Designer?

A: If you want to develop your own look and feel for your products, or if you want to sell your look and feel as product, you will need such a tool to accelerate your look and feel development.


Q: Is EaSynth Look And Feel Designer free?

A: There are two things that have similar names: one is "EaSynth Look And Feel", it is a look and feel generated by the IDE, it is free; the other one is "EaSynth Look And Feel Designer", it is a shareware that only free for trial, the full-featured version is not free.


Q: What are the differences between the trial version and the full-featured version?

A: The trial version has the complete editing features, preview features and diagnose features; you can even create a complete look and feel and preview it on your product. But it has no output ability, means it can not save your work to the hard disk.


Q: Can I sell my look and feel built with EaSynth Look And Feel Designer?

A: Yes, once you have purchased the IDE, the look and feel that built with this IDE belongs to you; of course you can sell your look and feel as product, without any limitation.


Q: What can we do with the trial version?

A: There is a complete look and feel example delivered with the IDE: the EaSynth look and feel, which is built with the IDE and used as the default look and feel for the IDE. The project file of EaSynth look and feel is also delivered with the IDE as an example; you can view the project content to get the idea about the task to create a brand new look and feel. You can also make some modification on the project and then preview the effect in SwingSet or any of your products.