Q: Who will need the EaSynth Look And Feel Designer?

A: If you want to develop your own look and feel for your products, or if you want to sell your look and feel as product, you will need such a L&F IDE to ease and accelerate your look and feel development.

Q: What are the differences between the trial version and the full-featured version?

A: The trial version has the complete editing features, preview features and diagnose features; you can even create a complete look and feel and preview it on your product. But it has no output ability, means it can not save your work to the hard disk.

Q: Can I sell my look and feel built with EaSynth Look And Feel Designer?

A: Yes, as you have bought the license and use the software under the license agreement.

Q: What can we do with the trial version?

A: The project file of EaSynth look and feel is delivered with the IDE together as a sample L&F project; you can view the project content to get rough idea of how to create a brand new look and feel. You can also make some modification on the sample project and then preview the effect in any swing applications. If you need to make real development with the tool, you need to buy the license.

Q: Can I use the license on my laptop?

A: According to the EULA, one license can be used by one user, on one machine, in one OS at a time. That means you can shift the license from your PC to your laptop, and work on your laptop, but your PC lose the license at the time, and you should remove the copy of software from your PC. If you need to work on two machines or two operation systems at the same time, you need two licenses.

Q: Can the trial version be updated?

A: Yes, the trial version can be updated online, but it still lack of output ability.

Q: Can I use the software without internet connection?

A: Yes, you don't need internet connection for common usage, but it is necessary when performing the software activation.