Software Activation

After you download and install EaSynth Look And Feel Designer, the software will work as evaluation version by default, means some features can not be used. To obtain a full featured version, you need to buy a license and activate your software.

The process to activate EaSynth look and feel designer is:

  1. Purchase the product license according to the Purchase Guide, then you will received a purchase acknowledge email in a few minutes. The email sample is shown below:

    The Serial Number of License will be required when you activate your software.

  2. Launch EaSynth Look And Feel Designer, then choose the activation menu item in software's help menu, or click the "Activate..." button in toolbar.

  3. The activate window will popup:

  4. Please copy the license serial number from your purchase acknowledge email, and paste it into the input area of activate window. Click the "Activate" button and wait a minute, you will see the message like this:

Still Have Questions?

If you have any other questions on software activation, please contact our support team: